I get dermatitis and have allergic reactions to some hand soaps and lotions/moisturizers. I've used Kamil for years now and it works great. Very gentle to the skin and no allergic reactions! Great product.

I live in NM where the air is usually quite dry. I have trouble with mild rashes on the back of my hands and also get hang nails easily. I have tried the usual moisturizing products from Vaseline, etc etc. They help but when I tried Kamill I was most impressed. It only takes a little but it lasts all day and is not greasy. It not only keeps my hand skin moist but removes small cracks and wrinkles, clears up minor rashes and keeps my nails from drying out. My wife is equally pleased. Highly recommended.

I have used this cream for over 20 years, I have tried MANY others over the years and this is the BEST! If your skin is dry you will love this, and it WILL NOT BE GREASY!

I have used kamill creme for nearly 20 years, I love it. When I start running low, I get a little anxious.
It is the best hand and foot creme there is. I also use it as a body creme, because nothing else works as well.

I hope you always have a good supply for future purchase.